• For every ailment our bodies may endure, nature has grown something to help...and we found it!

Who Are We?

From US to You!

A company here to introduce our Mother Nature to those who will accept her. A black owned, family company making it a point to highlight local black heroes and heroines in our community. Please follow us on Instagram to see the stories behind the names of our products.

Get Back In Control

Skeptic turned believer

I honestly thought sea moss was just a fad... I didn't think I would feel anything and I couldn't wait to announce it. After 3 days I noticed a big difference in my energy. It's hard to explain how good I'm feeling. My body just feels different in a great way! The texture isn't that great but the taste is helpful, and the benefits are amazing. G.Y.M. has gained a new regular!

Oct 24,2021


The Secret

I was having stomach issues and couldn't figure out why. Apparently, I needed a cleanse and this tea did just that. Great product. I will be getting more very soon.

Aug 21,2020


She's got her groove back!!

I love how these drops have given me my pep in my step back. For a busy working woman of a particular age, I feel like I got my "umph" back.

Ms. Platinum

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