Get Yourself Moving LLC...Behind the Brand



MEET ME! Brittany, owner of G.Y.M. LLC.

 I felt it would be wise to let you all in on a bit about who I am, and why I started G.Y.M.

Who am I? I am a 33 year old woman, the youngest of 4(the baby), Mother of 4 (baby maker lol), new home owner, girlfriend, and now the proud owner of this small business.

I am a 33 year old woman... May I start there? I remember being 15 years old thinking 33 was OLD! Can you relate? Now that I am here, I beg to differ. Growing up I thought by 33 you had to have it all together, I thought I had to have a college degree, and a well established career. I was sure I would be happily married, have some children, and own a home. Again, now that I am here, I beg to differ. Where was all the time I was supposed to have to do all these things? I was to complete 4 plus years of college, find and marry my soulmate, pop out some kids, while establishing a promising career, and saving money with the credit to purchase a home..... All by 33?! I'm guessing by now you can tell it did not go that way, and I am ok with that. So who I am? I am a 33 year old woman, still figuring this thing called life out.

What is G.Y.M. and why G.Y.M.? G.Y.M. is an acronym for Get Yourself Moving. A funny name for a holistic healing company huh? Allow me to give you the back story on that... Here I am as a personal trainer. That's right, I was a personal trainer. I worked for a gym but soon started my own traveling PT business. Yup, you guessed it...G.Y.M. LLC. Now you get it?  

As a trainer I ran into many individuals with limitations due to ailments, medications, and medications to offset the original medications. I realized very quickly that health goes so much deeper than just diet and exercise, and this is where my journey really began. I began to study herbalism, research the most common ailments I encountered. I began exploring mother nature and allowing her eto teach me what she wanted me to know, what she was providing for us already. 

The very 1st product I created was a detox tea blend, "The Dijtox".  I will explain the name at a later date. There are so many ailments that we experience that start in the gut! Allergies, inflammation, hypertension, diabetes, just to name a few. So what could be more neccessary than something natural to cleanse the gut? 

With that 1st product a fire was ignited and the NEW G.Y.M. was born! A company dedicated to introducing the world to mother nature and all she has to offer through herbal teas, juices, tinctures, and don't forget we even have sea moss gel!