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Anxiety Aid Drops

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 Anxiety Aid Drops: A blend to promote calmness in your most anxious moments. Containing Kava Kava, Rosemary, along with St. John's Wart and other settling herbs, This blend is sure to bring anxiousness to a calming state.  

Organic Lemon Balm - An anti-depressant and tonic for the nervous system

Organic Rosemary - Relaxes the nervous system to relieve depression, anxiety, and tension headaches.

Organic Vervain - Calms you down and strengthens your ability to withstand stress.

Organic Kava Kava - A.K.A. The mood adjuster, a mild sedative that creates a tranquil feeling without affecting concentration or motor skills.

Organic St. John's. Wart - Restores the nervous system after prolonged periods of exhaustion and stress.

Organic Nettle - Contains serotonin to help regulate moods.

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