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Britt's Brew Slimming Juice

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Britt's Brew is a yerba mate based slimming juice. This juice is created from our Britt's Brew tea blend. Let Britt's Brew help you lose stubborn weight, cleanse your body, and strengthen your immune system. It is rich in antioxidants and created from fat burning powerful herbs. Though this juice is not a "magic pill", combined with a proper diet and exercise this juice is just what you need to add to get those stubborn areas moving and quick!


Organic Sencha Leaf - helps reduce inflammation, boosts your immune system, aids in weight loss.

Organic Nettle - Diuretic action flushes the urinary tract of accumulated waste.

Organic Oolong - Helps to metabolize fats 

Organic Dandelion - Most powerful diuretic that does NOT deplete potassium while removing excess fluid from the body.

Lemon Grass - For flavor and vitamin C 

Yerba Mate - Natural caffeine source, contains pantothenic acid, which boosts metabolism to help the body utilize carbs and break down fatty acids. 

Milk Thistle - Strengthens and renews the liver

Guarana Seed Powder - A caffeine plant and central nervous system stimulant (CNS is in control of many of our body's systems including digestion.

Matcha Green Tea - Rich with powerful antioxidants, helps metabolize fats.