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Detox Drops

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Our Detox Drops are a concentrated formula from our “Dijtox” tea blend. Made from the same organic herbs, these drops are sure to “Get You Moving”.  A light detox of the liver and the digestive system. Helping aid digestive issues such as constipation, ulcers, diarrhea, and irregularity. 


Organic Holy Thistle -  Used as a remedy for gas, constipation, and stomach pain, stimulates the production of both saliva and gastric acid aiding in digestion

Organic Ginger Root - Stimulates digestive enzymes for proteins and fats, and increases metabolic heat to burn calories.

Organic Persimmon leaf - Aids fluid retention, and constipation.

Organic Marshmallow leaf - Aids internal inflammation and strengthens the kidneys. packed with vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, iron and magnesium.

Organic Papaya - A.K.A. The digestive regulator, contains powerful enzymes to digest proteins, vegetables, milk, and one for starches. It eases digestive distress, acid reflux, indigestions and constipation as well as cleanses the lymph system. 

Organic Chamomile - Reduces inflammation and helps fight infection in the bladder.

Organic Dulse Leaf - Contains iodine, an element that the body needs to make thyroid hormones

*Available alcohol free, these drops are great to get children 6 and up moving when their little bowels are occasionally backed up.