Mac's Mind (Memory aid)

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Mac's Mind.....Revitalize your brain power with this tea, containing some of the more powerful memory enhancing herbs, such as ginkgo, gotu kola, and healthful antioxidants. A hint of bilberry and ginger gives this tea a fruity, clean taste. Caffeine-Free. 


Organic ginkgo leaf - Enhances mental abilities, increases concentration, aptitude, and memory alertness.

Organic gotu kola - Acts as a cerebral stimulant.

Organic eleuthero root - Increases energy, reduces fatigue, improves cognitive function, enhances exercise.

Organic Bilberry – Improves learning and memory

Organic Ginger root – Enhances cognitive performance and improves memory

Organic hibiscus flower - a cognitive enhancer which supports memory and concentration

Organic Parsley leaves – Contains a substance called apigenin which could give you a better functioning brain and a better ability to form memories.

Organic alfalfa leaf – Improves short term memory