Mommy2Be TEA

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From conception to post-partum, our Mommy "2" Be Tea was formulated not only for our current expectant mothers, but also women who are planning to become mothers. We have carefully designed this tea and the frequency that it should be consumed to assist in all stages of your conception journey! Providing the care you can taste!

Red raspberry and nettle are considered to be nourishing herbs. They are the safest category of herbs and can be used for extended periods of time and in large amounts safely. They nourish and replenish the body, particularly in the kidneys, liver, and the adrenals. Red raspberry contains vitamins and minerals such as C, E, A, and B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and potassium.

Raspberry is commonly used to help prevent miscarriage and hemorrhage, decrease morning sickness, and reduce pain in labor by toning the muscles of the uterus. Nettle has more chlorophyll than any other herb along with vitamin A, C, D, and K; calcium; potassium; phosphorus; and iron. Nettle is particularly beneficial for leg cramps and other muscle spasms because of the high calcium content. The vitamins in nettle increase the iron in the blood and reduce the risk of hemorrhage. It also strengthens the blood vessels, which reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, and increases the amount of breast milk a mother produces.

ingredients: Organic Nettle leaf, Red Raspberry leaf


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