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Sleep Aid Drops

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Our Sleep Aid Drops are a concentrated formula made from our “Marv’s Mix tea blend. A blend targeted strictly to those who lay down not knowing when they will actually fall asleep. Whether it's insomnia or general sleeplessness, These Drops are here to close those eyes, stop the tossing and turning and promote the snoring and drooling. Wake up finally feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.


Organic Lavender- "Calming" Steadies the nerves

Organic Hops flowers-The "Good Night" Flower. Its light sedative effect induces restful sleep. 

Organic Chamomile- Calms, cools, and tranquilizes, to help you fall asleep naturally.

Organic Lemon Balm- Alleviates Tension 

*Available alcohol free, these drops are great to get children to bed when occasional sleeplessness takes over.

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